Community–Academic Partnerships: Lessons Learned From Replicating a Salon-Based Health Education and Promotion Program


R. Browne, N. Vaughn, N. Siddiqui, N. Brown, E. Delmoor, P. Randleman, S. Randleman, L. Gonzalez, J. Lewis, R. Lourie, G. Foster, H. Brown, M. Fraser-White, S. Banks



We present a model of a community–academic partnership formed to replicate a unique salon-based health education and promotion program among African-American and Latino communities in Philadelphia.


The purpose of this article is to describe the partnership principles established and lessons learned in replicating the salon-based program that sought to develop a cadre of community–academic partners and build community-based organizations’ (CBOs) capacity to implement and evaluate the program.


As the lead organization, the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health (AAIUH), formed a partnership with two CBOs, three universities, and 17 salons. Guiding principles were established to manage the large collaborative and ensure success.

Lessons Learned:

By embracing a common mission and principles of understanding, co-learning, building capacity and sharing responsibility and recognition, this partnership was able to achieve positive outcomes. Challenges faced were related to replication, CBO infrastructure, data management capacity, and other process issues.


Despite challenges, we created and sustained an enduring partnership and brought positive change to the community. Lessons learned highlight issues to examine before furthering this work such as fostering trust and building meaningful relationships.

Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action, Volume 3, Issue 3, Fall 2009

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